ГДЗ, английский язык, 6 класс. School in Russia.

School in Russia.

The school day usually runs from 8.30 a.m. until 1.00 p.m. for the first shift and runs from 1.20 p.m. until 6.20 p.m. for the second shift. The school year is divided into four terms. It begins on September and ends on May.

Kids start school at the age of seven and have at least 11 years of schooling. Pupils attend primary school from the age of seven and then move to secondary junior school at the age of eleven. They study there five years. After secondary junior school, pupils take GIA State attestation. Then some of the students studying in secondary senior school two years and the other part gets professional education in colleges. After secondary senior school, pupils take EGE State Exam.

State school education is free for all children.