ГДЗ Английский Дом моей мечты. The house of my dream.

Небольшой проект на английском языке. Текст составлялся для 8 класса. Но, в силу небольшого объема, легко подойдет и для 6 или 7 класса. Все фразы очень простые. Превести их вы можете любым переводчиком.


I have a dream.
This is the dream of a house in which I would like to live.
It is made of organic materials. Therefore it doesn’t harm nature.
There are solar panels on the roof of the house. They need to save energy.
It has many electronics and gadgets. This house will be controlled a computer.
It should have many rooms.
There is a garden with trees, flowers and a swimming pool at the rear of the house.
I continue to dream now. However, I will build this house in future.