Рассказ в Past Continuous

Небольшое эссе, рассказ, проект на английском языке с максимальным использованием past continuous tens.

Yesterday, it was raining and thundering all day. I was playing inside the
house. I wanted to be outside. I wasn’t playing outside because it was
raining. I was feeling tired of being trapped inside the house.
I was trying to keep busy inside the house. I was reading my book
until the electricity went out. Then, I decided to sleep. I
was sleeping until lunchtime. After lunch, I sat by the window
and watched the rain.
While I was watching the rain, the phone rang. My dad was calling
to say he was coming home. He was bringing a new computer game. I and my
dad ate ice cream and played the computer game.
While we were playing, the rain stopped! But I didn’t even notice. I
was having such a good time with my dad!

Рассказ в Past Continuous
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